Q Welcome to look around our brochure, you will find interesting items here! 2011-12-12 12:15:59

Welcome to look around our brochure, you will find interesting items here!

Q Where are explosion-proof clean fluorescent lamps applicable and what are their characteristics 2011-12-12 12:15:59

Explosion proof clean fluorescent lamps are generally used in purification (dust-free) workshops in electronics, pharmaceutical, food and other industries, as well as purification laboratories, operating rooms and dispensing rooms in biochemical, scientific research, medical, health and other units. It is also applicable to offices, supermarkets, shopping malls and other humid, high protection requirements or flammable and explosive dangerous places.
Generally, in the dust-free room, when operating the process, the level shall be determined according to the cleanliness level in the air and the requirements. The cleanliness requirements in the dust-free and sterile workshop are also strict, that is, to reduce the dust in the workshop and indoor. The basis for controlling pollution and achieving sterile and dust-free effect can have a standard to standardize the implementation, which is also a test for the production of pollution sensitive parts. On the premise of meeting the requirements of production, the local air with low cleanliness level should be used for purification, followed by the air purification in local working area and comprehensive air purification.

Q Advantages of industrial lighting LED explosion-proof lamps 2011-12-12 12:15:59

Advantages of LED explosion-proof lamp light source
1. High luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long service life and low working temperature.
2. The LED light source of new fire lighting has strong safety and reliability.
3. Fast reaction speed, small unit volume and green environmental protection.
4. At the same brightness, the power consumption is one tenth of that of incandescent lamps and one third of that of fluorescent lamps, while the service life is 50 times that of incandescent lamps and 20 times that of fluorescent lamps. It is the fourth generation of lighting products after incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and gas discharge lamps.
5. The advent of a single high-power ultra brightness LED makes it possible for the LED application field to cross into the high-efficiency lighting source market.

Q How to choose headlights and which headlamp brands are good 2011-12-12 12:15:59

Choosing outdoor headlights is a technical job. What kind of battery, what brightness, what color of light and so on should be considered. Bother! Bother! Bother! In fact, why bother so much? As long as we know our purpose and understand several basic performances of headlights, we can choose our own headlights.

Q Design and requirements of transparent parts of explosion-proof flashlight 2011-12-12 12:15:59

Because tempered glass has the characteristics of good light transmittance and high strength, the transparent part is made of 4mm thick tempered glass, which not only bears the internal explosion pressure and the requirements of thermal upheaval test in article 26.5.2 of GB 3836.1-2010, but also bears the impact test with energy of 4J without damage. The transparent part and the transparent part fixing ring are adhesive bonding surfaces. The adhesive materials shall comply with the provisions of Chapter 12 of GB 3836.1-2010. The bonding surface shall be free of cracks, bubbles, etc. the net volume in the strong light flashlight shell is about 25m through calculation ³, The width of bonding joint surface shall not be less than 6mm. In addition to adhesive, the inner side of the transparent part is supported and fixed by a reflective cup.

Q Outdoor lighting LED street lamps are closely related to the current development of energy conservation and emission reduction, and occupy an important position 2011-12-12 12:15:59

In the next few years, China's LED street lamp production capacity will still increase, but the growth rate will decline compared with previous years. More production capacity is the key to the development of export to foreign markets in the future. With the development of cities around the world, the number of street lamps is expected to reach 350 million in 2025.

Q Characteristics of explosion-proof headlamp 2011-12-12 12:15:59

1. Humanized headband design, soft headband, good elasticity and adjustable length;
2. Take back the head belt and install the helmet buckle, and you can also work on the helmet;
3. The illumination angle of the lamp cap can be adjusted to realize light positioning according to the needs of field work.
4. Humanized warning light design. When an emergency occurs during operation, press the switch to switch to the red auxiliary light to send a distress signal to ensure safety.
5. Intelligent power display and low voltage warning function design, which can query the battery power at any time; When the power is insufficient, the lamp will automatically prompt for charging.
6. The light source adopts imported LED light source with high luminous efficiency and a service life of 100000 hours.
7. The battery adopts a new generation of intrinsically safe and high-energy polymer lithium battery, which is safe, environment-friendly and pollution-free.
8. The charger adopts intelligent chip to control charging and has multiple protection functions.

Q What should we pay attention to in outdoor sports? 2011-12-12 12:15:59

Now we are in the office every day with a lack of exercise, and our health is getting worse and worse,
We should exercise ourselves more. If we don't have a good body, how can we have a future?
You can choose outdoor sports. What are the main needs of outdoor sports?
1. In outdoor activities, what is the most likely cause of fatigue and limb weakness?
Lack of salt: salt contains the most important cation in the human body - sodium ion. Lack of sodium ion will lead to the decrease of neuromuscular excitability and the feeling of fatigue or limb fatigue.
2. In the case of outdoor activities for more than 72 hours, if people do not drip water (including food), how long will it lead to shock? 48 hours: normal people can't endure 48 hours if they don't touch water.
3. What is the real indicator of human water shortage in normal outdoor activities? Mouth feeling is very light: in the early stage of water shortage, your body will feel dry mouth or throat. At this time, your body is reminding you of water; When the water shortage exceeds the metabolic limit of the human body, the mouth will feel very light.
4. What woods are not suitable for tents in outdoor activities?
Near the lacquer forest: lacquer trees will breathe violently at night, and there will be severe hypoxia near the lacquer forest at night.
Under unknown circumstances, what should be the priority equipment for outdoor activities for more than two days?
5. Drinking water and food: the fundamental principle of outdoor activities is survival.
6. In a team mountaineering activity, you were in danger and one person was injured, but most people can continue to move. What should you do at this time?
Some people and the injured withdraw, while others continue their activities: team activities should follow the principle of coming together and walking together.
7. In mountaineering activities, if you need to climb cliffs with ropes, what is the correct line?
Oblique glyph: the oblique glyph can prevent the top from falling things without hitting the travelers below.
8. Hiking training is an important part of outdoor activities. What is the difference between load-bearing walking and non load-bearing walking?
Enhance endurance: outdoor activities are often carried out beyond the physical limit. Only with strong endurance and perseverance can we achieve our goals.
9. It is inevitable that someone will be injured in outdoor activities. If your partner hurts his head or spine, you need to move him to a stretcher or a flat place. What is the correct way?
One holds the neck and one holds the waist for movement: it is best to hold three people flat to avoid the movement of the injured spine and the nerve of the intervertebral foramen.
10. If someone is accidentally injured when you lead the team out, rescuing the injured will lead to more injuries; Failure to rescue the injured will lead to his death. What should you do?
For outdoor people, it takes more courage to give up than to insist. If there is an accident, you must keep calm. The most important thing is to control the mood of the team and prohibit any impulsive behavior; Once a decision is made to give up the injured and lead the team back, it must be resolutely implemented.

Q Precautions for using flashlight 2011-12-12 12:15:59

1. Do not connect the contact without permission and do not use the battery for other purposes other than this led flashlight;
2. Do not put the battery in the fire with a strong flashlight;
3. Do not use other types of batteries or other batteries to replace the original batteries for strong light LED flashlights;
4. After the explosion-proof flashlight is on for a long time, do not touch the glass with your hands to avoid scalding your hands;
5. LED flashlight, please avoid collision and falling;
6. To avoid pollution, dispose of waste batteries in accordance with local regulations;
7. Do not disassemble or attempt to repair the strong light flashlight by yourself. Unauthorized opening or repair is not covered by the warranty;
8. Do not irradiate the light directly to the eyes to avoid injury to the eyes;
9. Avoid the flashlight in the sun or high temperature environment. After the flashlight is out of use, please take out the battery and store it in a cool and dry place.

Q Use of flashlight 2011-12-12 12:15:59

Do you know about strong light flashlights? Do you know what it can do besides lighting? These we must understand, the use of strong light flashlight to the extreme, then what are its uses?
1. Outdoor sports and mountaineering: the barrel is light and strong, waterproof and damage resistant. It is the only choice for outdoor lovers.
2. Field rescue: the optical glass lens and focusing system adopt high-tech process processing technology with long light irradiation range, which can be used as signal lamp and rescue lamp.
3. Military equipment: it has the characteristics of waterproof, explosion-proof, anti falling and anti rolling, and can be used as the necessary equipment for military police escort and security team.
4. Defense weapon: the lumen value is up to 400. As a strong light strobe, it can be used as an anti-counterfeiting weapon to blind the enemy.
5. For women: the powerful light beam can deter robbers or sex wolves, and the solid barrel can beat the bad guys.
6. Riding detection and search and rescue work: the light bulb has strong illumination and stable beam. It can be used as a necessary product for field and indoor search and rescue, and night riding sports searchlight.
7. Household necessities: LED bulb has strong illumination. As a household flashlight or backup lamp for power failure, it is very suitable to kill two birds with one stone.
8. Car owners: lighting can be used when picking up and parking at night, and the cylinder body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy. It can be used as a survival tool to escape from life in case of danger

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