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The price of BS materials is higher than that of HIPS materials, considering the factors of procurement costs, HIPS materials to replace ABS materials to produce plastic parts are listed as one of the cost reduction solutions, favored by major appliance companies.

HIPS material has the same shrinkage rate as ABS material, and the plastic parts produced have basically the same appearance as ABS materials, so plastic parts of HIPS materials can be produced directly from the mold that produces ABS parts without modifying the injection mold.

Although HIPS materials and ABS materials have certain similarities in physical properties, they can be used in air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, electric vehicles, toys and stationery and other fields. However, some application scenarios with high requirements for raw materials, such as motorcycles, vacuum cleaners, batteries, etc., mostly use ABS materials. The performance requirements for plastic materials are not very high for the manufacture of low-end products, and merchants will choose cheaper raw materials considering production costs.

In high-end applications, HIPS performance can not meet the requirements, even if it is cheap can not replace ABS, replacement of raw materials must consider the balance between performance and cost, HIPS materials to completely replace ABS materials is not easy.

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