Precautions for strong light flashlight maintenance


If you use and maintain your strong light flashlight improperly, there will be some faults such as flashlight lighting, fire breaking, switch failure, power running, coating falling off and so on. The following are the precautions and specific methods for the use and maintenance of flashlight:
1. Wipe dry with a soft cloth immediately after using the flashlight to prevent infiltration of moisture and hand sweat during rain and snow. Otherwise, the coating of the flashlight is easy to fall off or rust.
2. At ordinary times, do not put the flashlight on the hot Kang or next to the stove, but also avoid soot fumigation, otherwise the flashlight is easy to run.
3. When moving the flashlight switch, the force must be light and uniform to maintain the elasticity of the lifting spring.
4. When the bottom cover is on the flashlight, loosen or take out the battery when it is off, so as to prevent the bottom cover from breaking the bottom of the battery and flowing out of slurry.
5. If the silver plating of the backlight bowl is contaminated, which affects the reflection of light, you can wipe it with clean cotton instead of fiddling with it by hand.
6. When installing the battery in the flashlight, it should be installed together with the paper cover, otherwise it is most easy to run. After a new battery is used for a period of time, the position can be changed, which can prolong the service life of the battery.
7. Generally, the battery stops emitting light at minus 20 degrees, so pay attention to heat preservation in cold seasons.
8. Don't always expose yourself to the sun when the strong light flashlight is not in use, and don't flash back and forth when not in use!

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