What do we need to pay attention to when traveling outdoors to make life more secure


Slip - many outdoor accidents result from falling, slipping and falling
It's best to follow up with the team to prevent acting alone and find another way. One of the common reasons for falling and sliding is that the spirit is not concentrated in areas with complex terrain, which is extremely risky for donkey friends.
Don't go exploring at night to avoid the hillside and ridge. The mountains are mostly composed of rocks. Being able to step on the way out of the hillside often means that the rocks are seriously weathered and should be vigilant.
Loss of temperature - people lose temperature in extreme environments
Professional equipment must be used. For example, the temperature scale must not be lower than the ambient temperature. In addition, when traveling outdoors, a life blanket (weighing 60-340g and folding smaller than a cigarette box) should reflect 80% - 90% of the heat at any time, and should become a container cargo in your outdoor backpack.
In addition to keeping warm, the life blanket has a variety of uses: the aluminized surface can be used as a reflective signal board for rescue and alarm, used to reflect the sun when exposed to the sun, build a temporary shelter, make a temporary stretcher, collect rainwater, reflect heat when making a campfire, make a mat for wetland camping, etc.
Treatment of temperature loss: immediately move the patient to the center of the shelter, place it on a damp proof and heat-insulating cushion, set up a tent for him if possible, and raise a campfire around him.
Hot summer - it can reduce the body temperature only when you adjust your body temperature when you are loaded and tired
In case of contradiction between UV protection and heat dissipation and perspiration, the lesser of the two hazards shall be selected, and heat dissipation and perspiration shall be given priority.
Try to wear red clothes with good heat dissipation and perspiration effect and professional fast drying fabrics, wear breathable sunshade hats, and carry heatstroke prevention drugs such as Rendan, shidishui, Huoxiang Zhengqi water, essential balm, cooling oil, as well as light salt water or a little salt.
Hunger and thirst - especially thirst
As an emergency lifesaver, compact biscuits should be backed up. In other words, even if you bring enough food, you should prepare more emergency food. The existing drinking water should be strictly controlled before the water supply source is definitely found.
Drowning - pay attention to the trap of "flood passage"
When crossing in rainy days, you should avoid the "flood passage", and when camping in rainy seasons, you should also avoid the "flood passage". When you need to cross Yangguan road or shidun bridge, you should untie your backpack so that you can discard your bag at any time. When passing through torrents, you should use ropes for maintenance.
Despise - many donkey friends despise outdoor travel too much and don't pay attention to it
Pay attention to the layout and setting of the road, and be sure how to go and where to start. In addition, donkey friends must be harmonious with each other before they can start. If we wait until we start to fight for individual issues, we will not be able to deal with them in a moment. It will cause a lot of trouble for all parties on the way.
Pride - not following the outdoor guidelines, excessive pride
Advocate outdoor activities that are close to nature and maintain the environment, do not destroy the laws of nature and life, and do not consciously pursue activities that surpass themselves and challenge nature. Respect your own life and cherish the lives of others.

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